During vulcanization, no synthetic substances are added to the rubber, but only so-called vulcanizing agents, i.e. sulfur and salts. The proportion of sulfur in vulcanization today is 1.8 to 2.5 percent. In addition to the vulcanization of rubber with the aid of sulfur, there are the processes which use peroxides, metal oxides or energy radiation for rubber production. After admixture of the substances, the rubber is heated to 120 to 160 degrees and baked. Due to the high temperatures, cross linking of long-chain rubber molecules takes place during vulcanization under the action of sulfur (sulfur bridges). The result is an elastic, weatherproof material that allows multiple users. The higher the proportion of sulfur bridges through vulcanization, the harder the rubber becomes.

Natural latex matrices for high ergonomics

The vulcanization of rubber is essential for latex mattresses. But why choose a synthetic or natural latex mattress? As a natural mattress, a mattress with a natural rubber is natural, pollutant-free and as a renewable resource an ecological resource. A natural latex mattress offers you higher point elasticity than a model made of synthetic rubber. The optimal adaptability, restoring force and pressure relief lead to a restful sleep thanks to ergonomic lying. In addition, latex moisturizes and keeps mites small, which makes them allergy sufferers suitable. For back pain or herniated disc, a latex mattress is highly recommended. The latex production thanks to vulcanization allows the mattress production for a body-friendly and supportive posture during sleep. Particularly ecological are Natural Eco latex mattresses with Flexi cuts resource-saving further processing of cut remnants. Get the best mattress brand from our online store here http://bestmattress-brand.biz.

Rubber cushion with supporting effect

Vulcanized rubber is not only suitable for mattresses due to its ideal reclining properties. Latex pillows are equipped with a latex mold core or with latex sticks and latex flakes. Due to their special point-elastic effect, they fulfill the requirements for a neck support pillow for special lying comfort.

Innovative sleep technology from many manufacturers includes cushions with a hybrid core. The Biller beck neck pillow, for example, combines a latex core with down filling.