The question of size is ticked off, so let us now turn to the different variants. Similar to the mattresses, there are also slatted frames in very different versions, each with differentiated properties. And you should know that before deciding on a variant.

  • The rolling grate: This is the simplest variant of a slatted frame. The different slats are here simply connected with a band and held in place. Of course, that also means that the slats are not adjustable. This type of slatted frame is particularly suitable for children and very light people who do not have high expectations of bed suspension. So, above all, have no back pain.
  • The rigid slatted frame: This type of slatted frame is a bit more elaborate. In this variant, you can not customize the reclining properties individually. Nevertheless, this is usually made of higher quality than the rolling grid.
  • The spring wood frame: This version is very popular – because most slatted frames are spring wood frames. It consists of a wooden frame on which the slats are mounted. They are not simply nailed or stapled but stuck inelastic straps.

This ensures that the individual slats swing independently of each other and so can optimally balance the weight of the sleeping person. Also, this type of slatted frame is available in different versions, usually between 28 and 42 slats. The more slats the rust has, the better the weight can be distributed. Buy slatted frame from

  • The adjustable slatted frame: This slatted frame gets its name because you can adjust the head and often also the foot part in height. Especially for people who like to read a lot in bed or watch TV, this suspension is therefore recommended. But that’s not all: even people with orthopedic problems can benefit from the adjustability of the slatted base.

If you want to have it very comfortable, you can use an electrically adjustable slatted frame. These can usually be adjusted via remote control in height.

  • The plate slatted frame: This species is specially made for people with big back problems. Instead of conventional slats, this slatted frame has plastic plates with a very special connection: this is elastic in itself. Thus, the plate slat grid guarantees high point elasticity, which is very desirable especially for back pain.